Stress-Free Meeting Self-Service Sourcing Tool

Many companies do not have a tool in place to source, book, track, and manage a simple meeting. The process to book a simple meeting or event is extremely time-consuming, especially for occasional meeting planners. Since booking meetings is a cumbersome process, many of these planners are calling the hotel direct, instead of through the in-house meeting planner and/or travel management company.

For these meetings booked outside of company departments, savings, visibility and compliance are lost with each booking. Additionally, processes for small meetings are manual and inefficient to source, communicate, and manage accommodations and requirements.

The solution:

An online portal for corporations to capture, track, and manage multi-room bookings, small meetings and events – all available from Acendas. We have partnered with Groupize, an innovative provider of simple meeting solutions. Groupize offers self-service tools that reduce the difficulty of starting, sourcing, managing, and measuring simple meetings. A simple meeting is defined by complexity, not size. A simple meeting can include a combination of sleeping rooms, meeting space, food and beverage, and audio visual; all with a shared agenda and room block.

Advantages of the Groupize tool include:

  • Simple to use and implement
  • Save time and money by booking in minutes
  • Negotiate rates, points, and concessions directly with the hotel
  • Retain meeting planner points
  • No per user or per attendee fees
  • Capture and track spend

Manage your company’s simple meetings and event bookings with an easy tool to source, book, track, to maximize productivity and savings. In addition, Groupize allows visibility and management over this significant unmanaged segment of corporate expense.

Features of the Groupize Meetings tool include:

  1. Hotel Sourcing and Bookings. Easily search, book and manage small groups and simple meetings, and multi-room bookings for 9 rooms and under.
  2. Save Time from RFP to Contract. Automate all manual tasks and quickly generate RFPs to receive quotes, then compare bids, communicate, and manage contracts from one user-friendly tool.
  3. Customized Event Booking Sites and App. Promptly create a tailored booking experience for your attendees.
  4. Room Block Management. Painlessly manage inventory, room types and generate automated rooming lists.
  5. Registrations, Tickets and Payments. Promote your event, collect attendee details, sell tickets or collect payments.

Groupize enables companies to provide a better user experience and streamlines supplier negotiations and communications. Providing an efficient sourcing solution improves productivity and response time, while decreasing costs.

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