Have a Meeting to Plan?

Plan your meeting without the hassle of all the legwork involved.

Our complimentary Site Selection Services save you time and help you find the perfect venue for your meeting or event– all at NO CHARGE.

Our industry veterans work for you to see what’s available at what rate, negotiate the best rates and concessions, and provide contract review. Simply put, using Acendas gives you more time to develop the program.

Clients still sign contracts, handle deposits, conduct site inspections and remain the primary contact for the hotel. We identify the venue, secure the best terms, and ensure contracts are properly executed. Then we step aside so you can execute your perfectly planned program.

Comparing your options has never been easier.

We save you time by providing a quick, easy-to-read grid that compares all of your options.

Download Our Sample Comparison Grid
Unbeatable processes when negotiating your rates and contracts.

Our rate comparisons take into account all the intricacies ‘’involved’ in function space compatibility. We’ve worked with hundreds of hotels all over the world and bring that vast knowledge base to the table when negotiating your rates and contracts.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a well-negotiated, complete contract to sign.

Have questions? Please contact our Meetings & Incentives Director Stephanie Clifton at 913-671-8500 x3200 for more information.