Concur® Invoice

Cut down the processing time and cost of Invoices by over 90%.

Concur® Invoice – Streaming the Invoice Process.

Paying vendors can be a hassle. Concur® Invoice simplifies the process with technology to cut the processing time from weeks to under three days. Not only does it save time but through the use of the automation feature, you can cut cost from over $36 to $3.50.

What can you do with Concur® Invoice?

  • Match invoices with purchase orders.
  • Track progress of submitted invoices.
  • Expedite approval and payments.

Click to download the Concur Invoice Quick Start Guide.

Why Choose Concur® Mobile?

Do it all with your smartphone. Do it all with Concur. From booking and managing itineraries to capturing receipts and submitting expense reports, Concur Mobile has you covered.

  • Capture receipts with your smartphone, then ditch the paper.
  • Upload IRS compliant images directly to expense reports.
  • Immediately approve or reject expense reports via manager access.
  • Add car mileage to an expense report
  • And MORE!

Do you have questions about Concur® Mobile? Click to read our FAQ Documentation or check out more about what Concur® Mobile can do for you below: