Airbus files patent for ‘stacked seating’

Double decker seating planes could be in the travel industry’s future if Airbus’ patent is approved. It’s Airbus’ solution to add more seating in a limited space.

Airbus, based in Germany, filed a patent with the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark office to build a plane that would include stacked seats.

The patent design diagrams show steps leading to the mezzanine seating with ample leg room for all passengers. The one difference to the above seating is the ability for the passenger to lay down.

The patent assures the new design will provide “a high level of comfort” according

“In the reclined lying position, the backrest portion may extend at an angle of approximately 130 to 180 relative to the seating portion. In one embodiment of the passenger seating arrangement…at least one of the first and the second seat in its reclined lying position, is provide an entirely flat supporting surface.”

While the patent has been filed, an Airbus executive told the Telegraph that doesn’t mean it’s something that will happen.

“This does not mean they are necessarily going to be adopted into an aircraft design. This preserves the innovation and idea.”