Adherence to Policy.
Analyzing Spend vs. Budget.
Identifying Areas of Weakness.

These are three cost-bloating areas that often get pushed to the bottom of a growing to-do pile.   Many travel managers find themselves lacking in the technology to efficiently and effectively track proper utilization of the company travel policy.  Violations often go unnoticed causing budget overages and no channel for proper resolution is established.

As a travel manager, you professionally attempt to juggle the travel needs of a large staff, managing the budget and all of the other time-consuming intricacies that your job entails.  No one understands this more than the expert support team at Acendas.

favicon-152x152We are a travel manager’s best friend. We keep travelers compliant and you in the know.  Click each area to see how.
Problem: No Traveler Compliance

Acendas Solution:  We work with the Travel Manager to understand the culture of the company and then assist in establishing a travel policy. Institute an umbrella policy for all employees that divisions can restrict if necessary, but not relax. Acendas also provides travel policy management and enforcement assistance.

Acendas Advantage

Global Affiliation
Our BCD Travel affiliation allows you to take advantage of industry leading resources and discounts.

Travel Advocates
Our veteran travel counselors act as your advocate. They save you time, control your costs, and capture the details of your trip.

Customized Solutions
We don’t just analyze your travel spend data. We work to provide you with solutions that make sense for your business objectives.

Proactive Monitoring Technology
We don’t wait for a crisis to happen before we act. We have invested in technology that allows us to monitor our travelers so that we can proactively provide resources to keep them safe.