Concur® Desktop – Simplified Travel Solutions.

Traveling for work is as leisurely as it sounds.

Corporate travel can become overwhelming; however, with Concur® Desktop your travelers can manage their trip with ease.

With a reliable and streamlined process, Concur® Desktop will provide your travelers with all the necessities for booking a trip without the hassle. Let Acendas make work travel work for you through the convenience of Concur® Desktop.

Do you have questions about Concur® Desktop? Contact us at for assistance or download the Getting Started Guide.

Tips & Tricks for Travelers:  

The first step in ensuring a smooth travel reservation process is a completed and up to date profile. Make sure that the name you enter matches what is on your valid photo ID and all of your frequent flyer, guest and rental numbers. If you have a Known Traveler or Redress number, these should be added to each of your airline frequent flyer programs and your Concur® Travel profile.

Another note on frequent flyer numbers, the only frequent flyer number that will be passed from Concur to the reservation is the carrier that is booked. If the traveler makes a change to the reservation via an Acendas agent the new carrier’s frequent flyer number will need to be added from the profile to the reservation.

Be sure to submit for purchase. Your reservation is complete when you see Finished! in the upper left hand corner. Note-you can disregard the message in yellow. Once you submit for purchase, there is no further action on your part. Just be sure you receive both your Concur® itinerary and your Acendas e-ticket receipt.

If you want to plan an upcoming trip start by clicking Open in Outlook in your Trip Overview Menu and adding your trip to your calendar. To view trip history such as booking, ticketing, cancellation dates and hotel cancellation numbers click View Trip History. To save your favorite itineraries as a template to make reserving future trips fast and easy – click Create Template. By clicking Clone Trip you can reserve trips for other travelers who have granted you Travel Assistant permission in their profile.

When a trip is deemed ‘share worthy’ click Share Trip to send your itinerary to your traveling companions to save them time and provide accuracy during booking.

The biggest difference between Concur® and other travel websites is the search window. Concur® Travel will only return flights within your desired times. It is important to adjust your search window if you can’t locate your desired flight time. This can be accomplished on both the home screen and the change flight search on the results screen.

Concur® will always ask you to verify the cancellation policy. Once you click on “Continue” this hotel reservation has been made and any applicable cancellation policy will be applied immediately whether or not you finish the reservation in Concur®. This is especially important for prepaid hotels and last minute reservations where the cancel policy is already in effect when you confirm the reservation.

To cancel your entire trip, select the cancel trip to the right of your travel in your Upcoming Trips. Be sure to wait until the trip has completely canceled and Concur® has confirmed the cancellation. Messages will display confirming or advising the reservations can’t be canceled via Concur®. Any reservation that doesn’t successfully cancel in Concur® must be called in to Acendas to insure cancellation to avoid penalties or forfeiture of travel funds.

Note: Most airlines will void or refund your nonrefundable ticket if canceled within 24 hours. Concur will display messaging if the ticket can be voided or refunded at the end of the cancellation process.

To cancel only specific segments of an itinerary, open up your trip in your Upcoming Trips. Select cancel next to the desired segment.