When it comes to travel today;
Risk is all too real.

Risk can impact your company by simple non-adherence to travel policies to the impact of a worst case crisis scenario.  At Acendas, we are firm believers in the power of data and we leverage it to help those responsible better identify, visualize and mitigate financial risks from their travel programs.

Unforeseen or poorly planned travel costs can weigh heavily on budgets.

Acendas Advantage

Global Affiliation
Our BCD Travel affiliation allows you to take advantage of industry leading resources and discounts.

Travel Advocates
Our veteran travel counselors act as your advocate. They save you time, control your costs, and capture the details of your trip.

Customized Solutions
We don’t just analyze your travel spend data. We work to provide you with solutions that make sense for your business objectives.

Proactive Monitoring Technology
We don’t wait for a crisis to happen before we act. We have invested in technology that allows us to monitor our travelers so that we can proactively provide resources to keep them safe.

favicon-144x144We approach assessing your risk carefully and consistently to give you a clear picture for today, tomorrow and the future.

Problem: Loss of Productivity and Time

Acendas Solution:  We offer clients Concur, an online booking tool with mobile capabilities to improve efficiency based on adoption. We will incorporate strategic direction, leading-edge technologies and best-in-class solutions for online adoption growth, productivity tools, Concur user training and ROI.

Problem: Limited access to actionable data and capturing rouge travel spend.

Acendas Solution:  We provide clients with consolidated, analyzed and actionable data they need to quickly address policy compliance issues, strengthen supplier negotiations and maximize program performance. Our reporting tool offers an intuitive online format, with numerous standard reports to manage a best-in-class travel program. Acendas’ tool also provides summary graphics dashboards, sophisticated queries and customized reports exportable in common formats.

Problem: No Travel Policy/Poor Compliance

Acendas Solution:  We work with the Travel Manager to understand the culture of the company and then assist in establishing a travel policy. Institute an umbrella policy for all employees that divisions can restrict if necessary, but not relax.

Problem: Return on Investment, Where are the travel dollars going?

Acendas Solution:  Acendas’ step-by-step ROI program is followed from the first day you work with our team and tracked on a quarterly basis. Helping organizations with consolidating purchasing, driving compliance, monitoring and analyzing spend and leveraging suppliers is all part of our Managed Travel Program and your Return on Investment.

Problem:  Not understanding or aware of the need for Duty of Care, knowing where their employees are at all times.

Acendas Solution:  The health and safety of your business travelers is our priority. Our approach to crisis management goes beyond around-the-clock support to include medical crisis insurance options, proprietary people tracking software, and real-time trip information. When an event happens anywhere in the world that could disrupt a trip or compromise your travelers’ safety, we activate our resources to proactively get them out of harm’s way.